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I am a jazz guitarist with 47 years experience. Having come up through the '60s jazz scene in Chicago I offer unique insight to aspiring jazz guitarists as well as technical expertise honed while teaching jazz guitar programs at several Michigan colleges

Experience in the area

Performance History Big band • Harrison Hill’s Invincible Artistes -Chicago • Terry Brejla Big Band- Chicago • Earl “Fatha” Hines-Chicago • Kalamazoo Big Band-Kalamazoo Trio/Quartet • Own group at Hungry Eye -Chicago • Monti Brothers Band-Chicago • Benny Zuchinni Radio Allstars • Eddie Harris Phoenix Arizona-Duo • Bob Ravenscroft-Phoenix • Herrick/Riemer Duo-Mesa Arizona Kalamazoo -solo, duo and other • Whistle Stop-own group “John Riemer Trio” • Chaps-own group • Grazin’ in the Brass-Solo • “New Connection”-Quartet co-lead with Bill Braham • Kalamazoo Symphony “Pop series”-Roger Williams,Rita Moreno, Englebert Humperdink, Sherry Lewis. • Andrew Lloyd Weber Showcase-Civic Theater-Kalamazoo • Barn Theater-Augusta-Many shows • WMU-“Great American Symphony” Curtis Curtis-Smith, “JesusChrist,Superstar” • District 211-Kamerling/Riemer Jazz Duo-Kalamazoo • Grand Rapids Symphony-“Five by Design”


Currently self publishing "Handbook for the Jazz Guitarist


Kalamazoo Valley Community College - Computer Usage. Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery - Guitar Design, Building and Repair. Certificate. Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University - Liberal Music Studies and Private Guitar Instruction. Assoc. Performance Devry Technical School, Chicago - Basic Electronics. Certificate. High School, Chicago, Illinois - Graduate College prep courses Seminars and Clinics Sales Techniques, Music instruction, MIDI, Sound Installation and NAMM Shows.

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2012-01-03 Jazz tune name or artist:

Hey Néstor,      Argentina....home of one of my favorite sax players, Gato Barbieri. I love his playing and I understand he still tours.   Anyhow about your tune...I haven't a clue unless I hear it.Do

2011-12-31 A jazz recording in '60's of Bouree:

You mentioned Brubeck as a stylistic influence....what was the instrumentation??. If it featured a guitarist, a few of my guesses would be Jim Hall or Kenny Burrell. I don't recall that piece being done

2011-12-29 Music Recorded While On Hold With Roku:

Wow...One Note ???no way.  This sounds like a GIT student running a Howie Roberts routine...nice (sort of ) but no cigar...forget it, I don't hear a song , go listen to Wes, or Joe, or Kenny...get off


Hey ...sorry for slow reply, vacation time away from computer.  Anyhow ,this name slips by me with no recognition...Charlie Parker,yes, these guys I have never heard of. They kept some pretty illustrious

2010-04-19 NEPO AZZIP:

You are the only person that could provide such a cryptic opening...where has 50 years gone??  Let's talk...  email  I live in Mackinaw City have an old MacGregor 21 and love running


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