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My specialty is ART. Need any ideas or help with art projects? Ask me! I don't answer homework questions, but I will help with your questions about art or art supplies. MaryAnn F. Kohl

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former teacher, author of many books about art

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anna10/20/06101010she was really really nice and knowledgeable .....
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becca08/14/01101010Thank you so much!! I really appreiate .....
Kibbey08/10/01101010Thanks, I thought that as well, but .....

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2008-03-11 art for saying thankyou:

This is outside my expertise, as I work with children on creative art projects...not actual finished art as a gift. But I was wondering if you have looked into "altered books"...this is a new art approach

2006-10-18 art project for kindergardeners:

These are all excellent ideas. My book, Discovering Great Artists, has all these artists and about 80 more, each with an easy art idea in the style of that great master or great artist. You can see free

2005-03-22 Money:

Yes, a nine year old child can make money doing a job. Weed the garden, mow the lawn, clean out the garage, wash the refrigerator. But a nine year old child should not HAVE to work. The child should study

2003-07-27 art of fish:

Hi, Becca.  I'm the author of many books about art for kids. I will give you a couple of easy projects:    1. sand drawing: with squeeze bottles of Elmer's glue, draw on cardboard or paper. Then sprinkle

2001-08-13 Geography:

Hi, Kibbey.     Even though we're not supposed to help with homework, I tried to find some answers for you anyway. Maybe you will find the rest at "".    Here you go:    What is the largest


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