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I can answer complex questions about Minecraft. This includes basic gameplay, redstone concepts, running a public server, installing most mods, managing playtime versus real life, and most computer issues. I cannot answer questions about port forwarding. I can offer pre-scheduled live support for setting up servers and helping with redstone. If this is the case, please mark your question as private. I can answer some questions regarding Wizard101. At the moment, I can assist in-game up to Celestia. This would require prior scheduling. If you choose to do this, please mark your question as private. I can also provide strategies on non-PvP deckbuilding, particularly with the Death and Life spells.

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I have been playing video games for the majority of my life. The ones that I currently specialize in are Minecraft and Wizard101. I also play several M-rated games such as Skyrim, but these are not child-friendly. I have been playing Minecraft for about three years now. In that time, I have helped to set up and run many servers and have done lots of redstone. (Redstone is the equivalent of electrical logic wiring in the game.) I have been playing Wizard101 for many years with my little sister. We play together on and off and we've experienced the majority of the game. I'm not sure what AllExperts' policy on transmitting personal information is. Therefore, I give the reader permission to omit the in-game meetup portion of the second paragraph from my listing if they deem necessary.


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Hacked clients are useful server administrating tools because of their abilities to watch other players from afar.

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