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relationships,friendships,school,bullies, and practically anything else you may have a problem with.

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I've gone through them through with my friends, their boyfriends, and well theres always a school bully somewhere.


A newspaper that they published and they only picked a few of the paragraphs.


I've read and am reading about how to resolve problems and how you can help other people.

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Jennifer03/16/07101010thz for the answer ... you are so .....
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2008-10-14 Crush delemia:

Maybe if Carter won't talk to you then you should talk to him. If nothing works, then go for Matt. I've liked like three guys at a time before, so its not unusual. I'm sorry I'm just now replying my internet

2008-01-23 bullies:

Even though you don't like her you should still help her. You should tell the bully how you feel about what he's doing. You should always stand up for someone if you know it's the right thing to do, even

2007-06-09 penpals:

If you would like I can be your pen pal or if you want you can go to and type in "pen pals for kids (in betweeen certain ages you'd be interested in being friends with) and it should give

2007-04-16 penpals:

You shouldn't worry about it. I've never had a boyfriends and I'm happy with it. Don't go and just pick a guy and start dating him so you'll have a bf. Trust me wait until you meet somebody that you really

2007-02-13 names:

Hi, that is cool! If she does not want to be your friend then would she really have been your friend in the first place. I've got friends like that and I know that they are not my true friends. But try


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