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I love kids, especially since I am one. I have always wanted a penpal, but I never could get one. I can answer all of your questions. If you don't have any problems in life, then you can just talk to me, and I can become your best friend!

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I love to talk to kids and just have a best friend of the internet. I have only done it once before, and it was a blast for me!


I love school, and I hope you do, too!

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sam12/21/08101010thanks i think your advice will work .....
sarah06/06/07101010She has helped me so many times! .....
sarah05/26/071010Thank You so much! You really helped .....
danielle04/13/07101010shes the bomb =]

Recent Answers from Evangeline (Eva)

2009-09-21 age:

Macey,         As an AllExperts expert, I am not allowed to give away may age. However, I can still be your penpal! I have one younger brother too, and it just so happens that my cat's name is Macy! Except

2009-05-06 Hi:

Hey Monica!    I would love to be your pen pal! I do not have a yahoo messenger, but we can talk here.   You are shy, huh? I was shy before. However, after I found my passion (writing), I totally came

2009-04-04 penpal:

Sarah,    Yes, I think you are a little too young to be making a youtube video! I have a little brother and baby sister, also. Evan is eight and Evelyn will be two in september. I have to babysit them

2009-04-04 penpal:

Sarah,         We usually just go to the mall and maybe go to the movies. Sometimes we make silly youtube videos...its funny! Anyway, how old are you? Because that way I might be able to tell if you even

2009-04-02 penpal:

Sarah,         I would love to be your penpal! I also like to shop and hang with my buddies, however horses are NOT my thing! hehe. Ask me about anything, I am all ears. Reply soon, and we can talk!  


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