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If you have a question about sports, fitness, activities, and healthy living dealing with kids ages 3 to 18, I can help. I've been coaching and working with coaches, kids and sports for over thirty years. I can also help with questions about adapted PE for kids with disabilities.

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Currently adapted physical education teacher for kids with disabilities ages 6 to 22. Swim and water polo coach for 30 years. Worked as a personal trainer to develop athletic skills for kids in a wide variety of sports. Very knowledgeable in strength, conditioning, balance and skill development. I believe sports are great for kids but they don't replace a healthy, active, family lifestyle.


BA physical education, minor in sports psychology. MA in kineseology. Single subject credential in physical education with an adapted PE certificate.

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Pat05/07/14101010Very informative and clear answer.

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The best workouts are daily moving...walking to start off with. Start of with 20 minutes and see if you can build up to 60 minutes.    Then add hiking and even try to add some running. It is best if you

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This is a tough question. I'm sure you're right that its anxiety related. Here's some thoughts and ideas...Hopefully, they may strike a chord and be something you didn't think of.    1. I doubt if she's

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Hi Pat, hope I can help.    It used to be that an average 10 year old boy could do between 3 and 10 pull-ups. Now, it's much lower. I think 3 is probably a high number. Most kids I see in PE can't do any

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Hi Riya,    I think every child up to the age of 13/14 should do multiple sports and activities. It is best for their development both physical and mental. I believe the more he does the better. When he

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Hi Julie,    I reread your question and will answer it the best I can. I got sidelined with it and wrote a bunch of stuff. However, it might be of value to you so I'm including it.    I don't consider


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