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Robert H. Kieserman, MBA, MLIS

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returns 03/30/2017

I am a consultant to public and special libraries and I specialize in library management and administration. I am able to answer questions about library science as a career as well as about the general topic of library science and how libraries work and the services they provide.

Experience in the area

I have an MBA, an MLIS degree, I am a business professor, I have written four books on entrepreneurship, and have been a expert in another management area (healthcare) for AllExperts with a consistently high rating for over two years.


the American Library Association, the Library Administration and Management Association, the Public Library Association, and the Medical Library Association


I have written for numerous national publications on the issues of marketing, human resources management, and strategic management.


MBA in Accounting and a MLIS

Awards and Honors

honored for my teaching by Sigma Beta Delta

What do you like about this subject?

I want to encourage men and women to look at careers in library science. The field is rapidly changing and the demand for librarians is great.

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1. Very often, the book is weeded out of the collection and typically sold at a book sale to benefit the library.    2. If you access the collection of the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., you

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Intesting dilemma.    My best suggestion is to write a very to-the-point cover letter that accompanies your resume explaining that you have a degree in library science and that you have been trained to

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Hi:  Sorry. I cannot agree. I am a business professor with an MBA and I also have an MLIS. The focus of my library school training was library management and administration. Whenever I write an article

2012-09-12 Listing degree:

From an academic perspective, you should list your library degree in the way that your program and diploma states it - MLS or MLIS. Listing it any other way would look strange on a resume. Please share

2012-07-02 MLS and MBA:

I believe that the MBA coupled with the MLIS is still a great combination. While you may not be able to immediately move into a director position since the current directors are not retiring as quickly


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