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2014-07-17 Vintage fashion from late 1800's-early 1900's:

Hi, Amy,  I am, unfortunately, not a clothes expert or historian, but I can safely date these items to somewhere between 1880 and 1910. They could be as "new" as 1920, though. A more accurate dating would

2014-03-31 Am I technically Latina?:

Madeline,  Latina is a cultural denomination. That means: if you are raised in a) a predominantly Latin American environment, b) surrounded by Latino (Mexican, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Brazilian, Chilean

2014-02-08 Mexican culture and language:

Hi, Tavis,    I will try to answer your questions and hope this is helpful to you:    There are many theories about where languages come from. Some say they all come from a "Mother Tongue", a language

2013-03-13 Who pays for what?:

Hi, Debra:  It is pretty much up to the bride and groom to address their own families and figure out who is paying for what. Your brother and his bride have to decide what is it that makes them comfortable

2013-01-10 Mexican men not divorcing:

Hi, LT:  The divorce taboo in Mx is still big. I am not sure why your man won't divorce, but if I were to look at it culturally, I would say it has something to do with a) the catholic no-no to divorce


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