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I answer a variety of multimedia sound related questions. I have multiple music degrees and years of experience in the field.

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Please, *no* questions regarding: serial numbers, appraisals, pricing, value, restorations, or when a particular instrument or device was made. Thank you.

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15 years professional experience.



Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

To appreciate something you must first understand it. If a style of music has not yet lost grasp of your interest or preference, try getting a deeper understanding of its meaning and purpose. This may find you with the freedom to appreciate and enjoy more styles of music than you thought was possible.

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2011-02-08 media players-winamp:

You answered your own question regarding winamp - it is most likely a codec. Check the program for any log files or logs of errors. Sometimes information like that can be found in the install directory

2007-02-07 external speakers:

Hi,    I'm assuming by mini jack you mean 1/8th inch, the smaller size (quarter inch being the larger). I recommend you stop by a local electronics store, such as Radio Shack or Circuit City, and ask if

2006-09-01 Media Player image stops for a few seconds:

Hello,    The cause could be either a live streaming video from the internet (lag issues), a large file that is playing tug-o'-war with your computer, your computer playing tug-o'-war with itself, or if

2006-07-24 surround sound systems:

Hi,    I had this website set me to "on vacation" but apparently it didn't work. Well, I'm in town now, on with the question...    It is hard to tell given the specs of the equipment you have whether or

2006-02-05 Music on CD's:

Hello,    Thank you for writing.    There are a few steps you can take in finding out what the possible causes of the poor quality sound might be. Consider everything involved: the CD itself, when the


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