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Vocal Jazz: solo and ensemble performing; arranging for voices or instrumental ensembles; improvisation; creative group dynamics; sight reading. Classical and Choral Voice: Ensemble singing; section leading; sight singing; performance practices (ancient through modern). Klezmer / Jewish Music: Klezmer (instrumental) repertoire and styles; authentic representation of traditional klezmer style; pushing the envelope of klezmer music; transcriptions and notation of melodies and ornamentation; traditional cantorial vocal interpretation. Instrumental Jazz: Improvisation and theory; jazz interpretation; arranging; music copying (parts preparation); using Finale (music preparation software). Trumpet: Professional trumpet player for over thirty years - all styles.

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Performed and/or recorded with: Chanticleer, Bobby McFerrin, Michael Brecker, Chet Baker, Kitka, David Grisman, Clockwork (, Mal Waldron, Abby Lincoln (Amenata Moseka), Andy Williams, David Grisman, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, Berkeley Symphony, Spokane Symphony, etc. Music preparation for artists ranging from Barry White to Barry Manilow (funny, but true).

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Boo10/30/14101010thanks for your response.
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Recent Answers from Stephen Saxon

2011-02-04 Practice time!!:

Frank,    I'm probably not the best person to answer this one, but I'll try.  There is a quote I've heard attributed to Keith Richards that goes something like this, "There's the music, the people, and

2010-07-08 Could you help to identify the chords in my songs?:

Dear Tran,    I can usually do that, but it is a professional service I occasionally offer and not part of the normal AllExperts volunteer service.  Many other folks do the same thing professionally.

2010-03-17 Vocal Problems:

Dear Mariah,    I am afraid my answer may be less than satisfying for you, but I'll give it a try.  Since we're talking about very subtle physical and aural adjustments here, trying to interpret and offer

2009-11-18 Performing Music as a Career:

Dear Nick,    I'll do what I can on this.  However, my work in music is not quite the same as a 9-5 job, so the questions may or may not be very well suited to the subject at hand.  Also, for much of my

2009-03-13 sight reading on guitar:

Dear Joe,    I'm not primarily a guitarist, but I've worked with some really exceptional players over the years, so I think I may be able to fill you in a bit.      > How to tell from the sheet music which


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