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I have a good general knowledge of oldies rock and roll, traditional country and some pop music up until the late '60s and especially pre British invasion stuff. Automotive songs are a specialty of mine and I love Doowop and R&B oldies.

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I had my own radio program on a local volunteer station, CJSF, from 2001-03, in which I played automotive related music from my own collection as well as spoke about the latest old car shows in my area. I'm also a singer/songwriter with 3 songs recorded on CD and many more I'd like to record.


I'm a member of S.O.C.A.N. and a local old car club, Lions Gate Model A Ford Club. I'm also a past member of the Pacific Bluegrass & Heritage Society as well as a songwriters group.


My writing appeared for 16 years in a national Canadian newspaper called Old Autos, published twice monthly. In it, I published stories on every automotively related song I knew of. For instance I did an extensive article on the many group names which took their names from car makes and models,


Pop and rock music history was taught as a part of the radio broadcasting course I took at B.C.I.T.

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Recent Answers from Jim Ervin

2015-11-05 trying to identify a song:

The closest I can come to answering your question is an old 1958 Faron Young song called I'd Love To Be Alone With You. But that, of course is country, not doowop as your question implies. And the Faron

2014-12-02 Song title:

I'm going to use my own judgment on that one. If the song is Moments To Remember as originally done by the Four Lads and The Vogues, then Moments To Remember is exactly what the title should say. To just

2014-10-30 60's song need title & group know a few lyrics:

A little research tells me that you're probably thinking of Can't Give Her Up by Skipworth & Turner. "Can't give her up ...'cause I love my baby." It came out in 1986 and has quite a funky, soul sound

2014-09-11 Song titled "Whispering":

Now here's a song which I actually can tell you something about, maybe because it's been covered only about a million times. But that's because of it's original beautiful creativity. I searched through

2013-08-21 60's top 100 am hits:

As I understand the question, you're looking for the titles of the top Mowtown and Pop songs of the 1960's. For Mowtown, at least, just google Way Back Attack.com. There you'll find all the titles and


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