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I can answer questions about pop music from the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's and 1980's. I can help track down hard to find songs based on lyric fragments or other minimal information. I was an expert in this field but due to a family situation, was away from e-mail for a couple of weeks and forgot to put in a vacation listing with AllExperts.

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I have been answering questions for this site for a few years. It would be nice to be reinstated. I have no idea how many questions I have answered but many people have written to me to say how I have touched their lives by helping them locate a song that is important to them or a loved one.


I am a college graduate.

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Richie09/15/161010hiya lou - actually, john cangemi nailed .....
Randy05/15/16101010Thanks Lou!
eila12/23/15101010Hugs and a big thank you, Lou!!! .....
Tony09/12/15101010That IS the one Lou. Many thanks .....
Fred09/07/15101010Sure looks to me like Lou read .....

Recent Answers from Lou Simon

2016-09-08 Desperate for song title and/or artist:

Hi Richie  The line "cry-yi-yi over you" is in the song "Singing The Blue" by Guy Mitchell. However, that is not a doo wop song and the other lyric you listed is not in there.  If you can tell me a little

2016-05-15 1981 Show at Big WAYS In Charlotte:

Hey Randy  How cool! Yes, I remember doing that in April of 1981. I finally faded and fell asleep during Theme From Mahogany and my wife came and carted me home. I finished up the list the next night on


Hi Bob,  A few months back, apparently, this transpired. This, from the Loudwire site:    Tragic and truly disturbing news to report, as former Goatlord guitarist Joe Frankulin murdered a woman and her

2016-01-20 Can you tell me the name of this song:

Hi Swen  Not totally ringing a bell with me based on those lyrics.  I did think of a mid-70s song called Black Water by The Doobie Brothers, which has some great lyric about funky Dixieland music...but

2016-01-16 oldie song:

Hi Lorenzo  You might be thinking of the song "What Now My Love". It's a mid-60s standard and there have been hundreds of recordings of it, in many languages. Originally a French song called  "Et Maintenant"


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