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Peter Muldavin


My specialty is "vintage" children's records. Specifically, this refers to 78-rpms which for the most part were phased out in the USA by the end of the 1950s. I cannot give reliable advice on 45 or 33 1/3 rpm records.

Experience in the area

Not counting a few dozen kiddie 78s that I had as a kid in the 1940s, I have been seriously collecting since 1990. I have the largest collection of children's 78s in the world (over 18,000). This is defined by individual titles. There may be other 'accumulations' with more discs, but these could be hundreds with the same title (e.g. old store and/or factory stock). I don't consider these hoards to be 'collections'. My website (www.kiddierekordking.com) has been visited by over 1 million people (hits) from more than 100 countries. The great majority are from the US, however I have records from another 20 or so countries. I have published the definitive book on the subject: "The Complete Guide To Vintage Children's Records: Identification & Value Guide. Collector Books (2007) I have been on dozens of radio & TV shows on the subject, as well as having written dozens of magazine and newspaper articles or having been interviewed for same. I have written several book reviews for the ARSC Journal.


Association For Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC)


Too many to list here, but available upon request. Most are, however, related to the hobby of collectibles.


B.A., UC Berkeley (City Planning)

Awards and Honors

ARSC Award For Excellence in Historical Recorded Sound Research (for my book--se above)

Past/Present Clients

I have processed about 4000 requests for cassettes, CDs, MP3s of my records. All orders have been in full compliance with copyright laws as well as the Fair Usage Doctrine of the US Congress.

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