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I can answer most questions regarding 1950s Black Vocal Group music, called Doo Wop (Do Wop). Having lived in the era & grew up with the sounds of the early 50s.

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Extensive research into 1950s doo wop and have resoures at hand to draw from..


United Group Harmony Association, Doowop Society, Doowop Corner, etc..


Discoveries Magazine, Goldmine Magazine, Kreiter's Price Guide &
Dead Wax Guide.



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Recent Answers from John Spence

2015-01-09 Book about black vocal groups:

Hi Andy,  Lot's of great books out there on this subject;  Du-Wop by Johnny Keys,  Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight~Spaniels by Richard C Carter,  Group Harmony(2 volumes)by Todd Baptista,  Just Walkin'

2014-11-22 doo wop girls name:

Hi Bill,  Looked thru all my sources, no doo wop Lois's,  but there is 'You're The Only Girl,Delores  by Nolan Strong & The Diablos from Fortune records;  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Nolan-Strong-The-Diablos-For-Old-Times-Sake-Complete-Ear

2013-06-07 Who sang this 50's song:

Hi Donna,  There were many versions of the song "Tell Me Why", the most popular one was by the 'Belmonts' from 1961, other versions were by the 'Sunbeams', 'Crew Cuts' & 'Bobby Vinton', try going to youtube

2011-09-27 question:

Hi Steve,  Your song is "Groovy Baby" by 'Billy Abbott & Jewels on Parkway 874 from 1963.  If you now do a google search, you'll see a bunch of lyric links.  The question I answered previously was about

2011-03-13 song title/artist:

Hi Dennis,  There were several versions of this song;  Jesse Belvin on RCA records from 1959,  Lula Reed on Federal records from 1961 ,  Splendors on Jano records from 1962.  Alley Cats on Philles records


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