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If you want to know who recorded what, when and how did it fare on the pop charts then give me a call! UK releases are a speciality!

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I have written two catalogue books (published) on 28,000 45rpm records listing "A' & "B" side titles, Artist, Year of Release, chart placing in UK & USA. I was also Auckland's top mobile DJ for 17 years.


Inaugural President Auckland Rock n Roll Club. Inaugural President Sounds Of The Sixties Club


45rpm Records Released In NZ (co-authored with Tony Martin)


University degree (Business Management)

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2017-02-11 Song lyric:

Sorry Michael, I'm not going to be much help here I suspect.  Normally when I am looking for song titles from lyrics I search Google for "lyric - (enter the lyric given)" Unfortunately this drew a blank

2016-07-13 Barely remembered song:

Hi Tony  I think that the song you are looking for is by The Monkees. The lead singer in this US band was Davy Jones who had a broad British accent.  Here's the lyrics:    “What Are We Going To Do?” Lyrics

2015-03-27 Vocalist on The Ink Spots version of "I Understand":

Sorry but I cannot be sure of the corrwect answer to this question. However, here is a copy of the first entry on Google.    The Ink Spots were an American vocal group popular in the 1930s and 1940s. Their

2013-03-21 Nursery Rhyme on:

A nursery rhyme should always have good metre which means that as it is being recited, the words arrive on the beat (so to speak). Your sample does not do that. It could be modified thus:    Da-da da te-da

2013-03-21 Nursery Rhyme on "School".:

The only nursery rhyme that I am aware of that makes any kind of theme from school can be found here.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgie_Porgie    Outside of that you cannot just make one up. Nursery


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