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Player names and dates they played.

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2009-02-18 hardy nickerson:

According to Pro football reference.com  Hardy was a first team all pro in 1997.    I hope this helps.   Plus that website is chock full of information.    here in the link where I found the info.    http://www

2007-08-08 Stats:

Sorry it's taken a while to respond back.  I've been looking for a media guide that I got about 7 years ago, and I cannot for the life of me find it.  That is my main source of stats and data, and it's

2007-08-08 Stats:

I believe you are thinking of Alvin Harper who played for the Bucs in 95-96 after a brief stint with the Cowboys.  There was never a Calvin Harper who played for Tampa.    Thanks.  Mike Parker  

2005-11-13 Is there a way to be able to write to the Buccaneers?:

There is really no way I know of to get e-mail directly to them.  However I would try buccaneers.com and at least e-mail the people who run the official site and see if they will forward the e-mail to

2005-07-25 Buc Player:

I'm not 100% sure, but I believe it was Randy Grimes who played from 1983 to 1992 Under the following coaches.    John McKay 1976-1984  Leeman Bennett 1985-1986  Ray Perkins 1987-1990 (first 13 games of


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