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I can answer question on the first generation of punk (1974-1981), both American (especially Cleveland and NYC) and English, post-punk bands of note from 1981 to present , and am quite knowledgable on reggae, especially 1971-1981

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25 years as a musician/producer, avid concertgoer and inastiable reader/researcher on the subject


perfect sound forever (online music zine), contributor to various other sites (Bob Marley, The Fall, Public Image, for example)

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2015-09-24 The Clash:

Hey, P!    The logo on the bag looks like something from 'Combat Rock' era merchandise, although I have no way of knowing if it is something produced back then or of more recent vintage.  I don't think

2014-10-09 the clash signed:

Kristof;    Hello...I will say the Strummer autograph looks authentic to me, but I am in no way an expert on autographs...not the Clash's, nor anyone else's but my own.  What do you know about the history

2014-04-23 Radio Adelaide Interview:

Amber,    1,000 apologies; Somehow my reply to you was caught in my 'drafts' files, and never sent.  Although I don't ever recall this happening before, it does you little good to hear that.  I am so sorry


Sarah;    I wonder if you mean figuratively or literally save someone's life? Anything could 'save somebody's life' if they let it...music has many special charms and powers, but it's up to how the person

2013-07-20 lyrics help pleasee?:

K;    Songs can be very personal or universal, sometimes at the same time.  People construct their own meanings, anyway, no matter what you may think the song is about.  I can only assume that these mean


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