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I'm happy to help you with suggesting bands to listen to, or resolving questions about the history of punk. I end up telling most people to listen to the Velvet Underground - definitely check them out of you haven't yet.

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Punk doesn't really exist, but all decent music since 1975 has been punk in one way or another.

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2010-04-11 Punk Rock Research Paper:

Hi    Wow, that is way too many questions for me to answer properly.  Good on you though.  I'll just give some brief answers and then I'll copy+paste an old long answer i gave on the history of punk, hopefully

2010-02-26 1970 in the UK:

Well, first up I'd consider doing some research on the history of punk rock.  You have a couple of fairly obvious errors: Punk was in the US before the UK, and it didn't really start until the mid-70s

2010-01-05 Music:

The original root of punk was with the blues in the first half of the 20th century.  Rock and roll eventually developed out of blues in the 50s.    Within the rock genre, music resembling what would later

2009-10-09 punk ,grunge,alternative history:

Pretty early on, the punk/new wave movement morphed into post-punk.  Punk was always about challenging the status quo, so experimental bands like Gang of Four, Husker Du (post-hardcore), The Cure and Sonic

2009-03-04 gogol bordello:

Hmmm, I've never heard of Gogol Bordello but they seem cool, I might check them out.  I'm not from America by the way.    Hmmm that is quite a wide mandate, but I'll give it ago.  You probably already


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