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Bonjour! Hello! Since I am from Quebec, I can answer questions regarding Quebec culture, history, arts (music, literature, ...). I can guide you through the beautiful geography of the province of Quebec. I live in Quebec City. I am your guide, always at your service.

Experience in the area

I was the Quebec Guide ( I teach French as a foreign language and my students (University) want to know more and more about life, culture and our way of living, here, in Quebec City and in the Province of Quebec.


AATF (American Association of Teachers of French) AQUEFLS (Association des professeurs de français) Neve Shalom (looking for peace in the Middle East)


Immortel verses (poems) WEB site : about languages, different cultures, arts ...


B.A in Linguistics M.A. in Cognitive Sciences Ph.D in Educational Technology

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Lauréate des Amériques (TV5 compétition for Teachers of French)

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AllExperts (French language) (Quewbec Guide) (translation and proof-reading)

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mike11/26/10101010Merci beaucoup Denise! Je vais poser mes .....
mike11/17/10101010You have made my day, Denise. Thank .....
mike11/11/10101010I REALLY appreciate your encouragement, Denise. Thank .....
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2015-05-04 What happens when a:

Bonjour    No problem, a loty of people here in the province of Quebec speak English, especially people working in the public domain.  They could make mistakes :-)  but you wouldn't have any problems understanding

2014-08-17 Information:

Bonjour Andrea  je suis désolée du retard (j'avais oublié mon moty de passe !! oups!!)  Est-ce que vous parlez français?  If not, I wrote that I was sorry (I had forgotten my password oops!    Yes this

2010-11-18 une expression:

Mike,    vous êtes bilingue?!! wow!    aurais-je raison de croire ...  ce-dessus= ci-dessus    voici les définitions de éclabousser:       1.  to splash          to spatter        2.  il a été éclaboussé

2010-11-12 "en m'approchant":

Mike,    en m'approchant =   while approaching myself ((towards ...))  s'approcher (de) = verbe réflexif    so this person is walking, or getting close to someone or something    En m'approchant de ce

2010-11-09 1) la meilleure traduction 2) subjonctif?:

 Bonjour Denise,    Est-ce qu'on dit  J'ai marché aussi loin que j'ai pu.    OU    J'ai marché aussi loin que je pouvait.  Est-ce qu'on emploi le subjonctif, i.e. . . "que j'aie pu"?  Merci, Denise.


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