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I will attempt to answer questions on the Kings and Queens of England and Scotland from 927 AD. I also have some knowledge of European Monarchies.

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No professional experience, but a lifelong interest in the subject.

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Recent Answers from Mark Smith

2013-09-02 Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew:

Hello Daniella.  Sorry I'm so slow answering this, I went away for a few days but forgot to mark myself absent.  I honestly don't know if they're getting back together ot not, it would be great if they

2013-04-23 Austro-Hungarian Royalty Line of Succession:

Sorry, I'm making a right mess of this, please ignore the last answer, it was wrong ! Below is the correct version.    Emperor Franz died in 1835 leaving two sons; Ferdinand and Franz Karl, both somewhat

2013-04-22 Austro-Hungarian Royalty Line of Succession:

Hello Barry.  Under the rules of primogeniture followed by almost every world Monarchy the line of succession is as you describe. But there have been examples in which the heir is considered unsuitable

2013-03-20 writing to Prince Charles:

Hello Alan.  The correct form is to write to the Prince's Private Secretary, he will read all letters addressed to the Prince of Wales first anyway before passing on any that he thinks the Prince ought

2012-11-16 King Edward Bakelite plaque:

Hello Roger.  Do you mean a vinyl record of Edward VIII's abdication broadcast ? If so they are not worth as much as you might expect. I've seen them for sale for 50 or less. My apologies if I'm wrong


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