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Any questions concerning the Russian language and culture.

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2016-10-19 Russian:

Hi Hank,    Russian З is always pronounced as Z before voiced consonants and vowels. It works the same way for all voiced paired consonants (Д, Б, Г, Ж, В). They become

2016-04-06 is this song Russian?:

Hi!  Yes, she is singing an old Russian pop song, and she changes it a bit.    What you''ve brought for me today  Is not a gorgeous bouquet of roses,  neither tulips, nor lilies.    Then the original song

2014-06-04 Russian Langage:

Hello, Yvonna    There are plenty of online courses! Google "study Russian online" and you will find a lot of options. You can also try youtube, there are very many videos that will help you learn the

2014-05-21 Making a Russian diminutive form of a non-Russian name:

Hi, Bella!    Sorry for the delay, holiday time :)    Well, regarding your question, there is quite a lot of options. Russian diminutive forms are sometimes derived indirectly, so that the final name has

2014-03-29 translation from Russian (in latin alphabet) into English:

Hi, Paul!    Listen, Alyona, what are your plans for tomorrow? Call me back as soon as you can. Are you free tomorrow? What about Friday? ----can't understand the sentence-I guess it may mean that the


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