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Russian to English, especially politics, military, etc.

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A translator for 30+ years

Organizations website (highest-rated native American English speaker in the Russian-English category)


Cold War International History Project


B.A. in political science, various courses in Russian and exposure to Russian-language printed materials for decades

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Matt04/07/13101010Thanks. You're awesome.
A.03/06/13101010Ah, thanks a lot. Excellent translation.

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2016-03-24 Question about rifles:

The latter word, перестволенных, should be "re-lined" or "re-tubed", based on the root and a glossary's definition of

2014-07-22 message:

The main problem with online dictionaries is that their content is user-supplied. Nevertheless, I use them at times   because I think I can choose the best possible definition from among the choices given

2012-06-19 Correct spelling:

Do you mean Milosavljević? If so, it's Serbian  (  When I enter your spelling into Wikipedia

2012-02-02 Translate:

Literally, "her secret desires" (желание can also mean "wish", so   perhaps I'm reading something into this).    тайное ж

2011-11-04 Translate:

I don't know what "Privtuk" means unless it's the addressee's name or a garble for "Privet" [greetings].    There are mistransliterations of some other words, too but the rest goes,  "Things are good,


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