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I am a life-long fan of science fiction in all forms, but especially in movies. I have a very good overview of science fiction movies from the '60s and forward, incl. the very recent. Movies in black&white (from the '50s and earlier) is my weakness, but I am trying to educate myself more and more in those movies as well. I can also answer questions about science fiction in general and in books. I'm not strong on old TV shows; my forte is definitely movies.

Experience in the area

Besides my life-long hobby and enthusiasm for SF, I have been a leading member of a local SF fan society since 2003 (chairman from 2006-2009), and written more than a hundred SF movie reviews. I am also a contributor for various review websites (incl., but not limited to, IMDb and Amazon).

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I have studied biology, English and history, incl. a number of media courses.

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kimqueen01/23/17101010Thanks! I thought it was something like .....
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2016-11-04 Sci fi tv show:

Hi Martin,    A single scene from an unknown episode of an unknown TV show? That's not a lot to go on. There are enormous amounts of TV shows out there. The one thing I can think of is the Doctor Who episode

2016-09-13 favorite film of the year:

Hi Avi,    Okay... It's really too soon to say what my favorite movie of 2016 is - I don't have a particular one that is better than all the others. So far this year, the highest rating I have given a

2015-07-23 movie name or actors involved:

Hello Gary,    That's a tough one - when did you see it? Was it color or black&white? American, English or foreign? Could it have been an episode of a TV show? Any info will be helpful. Let me know, and

2015-01-21 Why do we need the matrix:

Hello Avi,    The point of the movie is that the people ARE dreaming. They are dreaming about a world that looks like ours, but in reality is a future dystopia which is so bleak that most people would

2014-06-27 what film is this?:

Hello Maria,    This is indeed a difficult one. The only movie that comes immediately to mind is "Barbarella" from 1968; it has some scenes that look more or less like you describe. Might this be the one?


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