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I`ve been a sci-=fi fan practically since birth. I can answer almost any question about Sci-Fi movies, TV shows, and even sci-fi novels if you`re interested.

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Avid reader of sci-fi novels, fan of several sci-fi shows including Stargate SG-1, Smallville, and Charmed.


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Jean02/16/14101010Thank You, that is probably the one .....
Carles12/16/13101010Thnx a lot :)
Dan08/22/13101010Brilliant! Thanks this is the film!
Harry02/06/13101010Thanks, "the hidden 2" is definitely what .....
Paras01/14/13101010Genius! Thanks. It was called star fleet .....

Recent Answers from Brian Webber

2014-02-15 Question about scifi movie:

That sounds like a lot of movies actually. The first one that comes to mind was the first attempt at a Judge Dredd movie (the cheesy one with Stallone, not the good one from 2012), but as I said, lots

2013-12-15 Know-it-all aliens:

Well, that's kind of subjective, but I guess the Minbari from Babylon 5 would fit that bill. The Kryptonians from the DC Universe were very science minded before their planet blew up. The Watchers from

2013-11-23 what scifi show and eposode was it:

Well, if it isn't one of the two shows you mentioned, have you tried looking up the Wiki for The Outer Limits? It ran at roughly the same time as the classic Twilight Zone, and didn't get near enough love

2013-02-05 need names for 3 sci fi 80s films.:

In that order;    No idea, sorry.    Sounds like the film I Come In Peace (I think it has an alternate title on the DVD), but there may have been more than one film with that premise in that decade. I

2012-10-21 great scifi movie cant remember title:

I don't think what you saw was actually a movie, but an episode of the TV series Stargate SG-1. The "nanos" were a race called the Replicators and the team used a time dilation device (simulating the effects


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