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I can answer questions about self-help books dealing with relationship problems, emotions, dealing with life's difficulties, etc.

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I have read various self-help books.


This area is more about experience and what one has read versus formal education.

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A mother of a shy child asked me to recommend Don't Call Me Shy: Preparing Shy Children for a Lifetime of Social Success by Laurie Adelman (I cannot personally recommend it because I have not read it yet).

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Holly08/23/13101010Thank you so much for helping me .....
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2013-08-08 older adult issues, dep:

Holly,    I cannot say I have read any books that directly match what you describe but I did some searching and found some options. I also included a few that I a familiar with that meet some of the criteria

2012-04-19 OMzmMcGGzNX:

Bosan,    Sorry I do not know what language this is in and I was not able to figure out how to translate it.    Following translations from    Извини

2009-01-07 The Secret:

Roberto,    I have listened to the unabridged audio version of the book. I do not agree with everything in The Secret, but I think it has beneficial information and insights. I have heard that many people

2007-11-05 Shyness:

Dear Joanne,    no i have not read the book don't call me shy. i am glad to hear the book helped you relate better to your shy child. if you want to let other parents know about the book. go onto forums

2006-12-18 about job career:

Yitong Han,        In regards to what job is suitable for you. What do you like to do? I know a therapist who says that what one liked to do as a child can be a good indication of what they like now. Do


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