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I`m a Celtics "historian", I can answer q`s about Celtics history from 1950 to the present

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Alan07/01/10101010Fabulous! Alessandro is the greatest!
Greg05/26/101010You're not much of a historian are .....
Andrew McMillan05/28/08101010thank you that really puts it in .....
Vickie04/28/08101010Thank you for the prompt answer.

Recent Answers from Alessandro

2011-11-19 iverson:

I'm not so sure if adding another older player like Iverson should be in the Celtics' plans right now ... especially if the entire season ends up being cancelled and they have to come back the following

2011-02-14 Celtics training camp:

I've checked the local online newspaper archives (Globe, Herald, etc.) but can't find a specific mention of Talent Hall being used as one of the locations for the Celtics' training camp in the 1950s.

2010-09-06 Celtic Shares:

This is from a Boston Herald article from a few years back:     "The C's sale to a group of deep-pocketed, longtime fans [was] atypical for other reasons as well. For starters, a publicly traded partnership

2010-06-30 Celtic player from the 50s or early 60s:

I believe that would be Jack Edward Nichols (1953-54 through 1957-58), according to "The rivalry: Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, and the golden age of basketball" by John Taylor:    "The Celtics' best

2010-05-28 Pierce:

Boy, that question's a little more "philosophical" than I think I can answer in this forum ... :)    Why not try comparing the two players' career stats over at Basketball-Reference and draw your own conclusions:


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