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I can answer questions on living abroad for the first time, on studying a language for the first time, and general questions on the Spanish language. I can also answer questions on Puerto Rican slang and life in Puerto Rico. Basic Spanish translation questions would also not be a problem.

Experience in the area

I am a non-native Spanish speaker that learned the language as an adult, so I have extensive experience studying and learning Spanish (I am now fluent). I have also studied German and Portuguese to lesser degrees, so I am qualified to discuss "How to Learn a Language."

I have lived in Chile, Argentina and Puerto Rico since 1997.


1. "Speaking Boricua", a book published on Puerto Rican slang, 2004.
2. "Speaking Phrases Boricua", published in 2005, Puerto Rican sayings and idioms (refranes in spanish).
3. "Speaking Argento", November 2009, about Argentine spanish slang. 4. "Speaking Chileno", July 2010, about Chilean spanish slang.


-Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Science
-MBA in International Business
-extensive Spanish study (hundreds of class hours) on everything from grammar and history to phonetics

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

The spanish language and its vocabulary vary widely from one country to the next. For example, a simple word like KITE has numerous variations depending on which country you are in, many of which are not understandable from one country to the next. In spanish the words volanti'n, barrilete, chiringa, cometa and papalote all mean KITE.

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