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Hello, I have been playing table tennis (NOT ping-pong! ;->) for over 20 years. Began in college and trained by a USTTA (US Table Tennis Association) certified coach. Played in tournaments at the collegiate, local, and regional levels. Achieved a high rating of 1580 a few years...have not been that active as of late.

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Was a USTTA (now USATT) member for many years!

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Ade07/28/13101010Thanks Abe. It is actually a huge .....
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Phil Carlson07/10/08101010Very good. Thanks Abe.
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Recent Answers from Abe Mantell

2013-07-25 Ping pong business:

Hello Ade,    Are you talking about a permanent facility *only* for table tennis?  Like a pool hall, but for table tennis?  Is table tennis very popular  in this area?  If not, I do not see how you'd be

2009-12-26 Room size of table tennis:

Hello,    Not sure if there are rules that require a certain amount of space, but the following  is from the USATT website, and I believe is a general guideline.    The table tennis table is 5 feet wide

2009-01-07 Tournament Set-up:

Hello Eric,    How many players are you expecting in total?  For large numbers, I like the idea of small groups that  play a round-robin format with the winner in each group  advancing to a single elimination

2008-07-10 Table Tennis - setting up a tournament:

Hello Phil,    Matches used to consist of games to 21 (win by 2), but now the pros  play 11 point games.  So, instead of the best 2 out of 3 or 3 out  of 5 21-pt games, now it is typically 3 out of 5 or

2007-05-28 Room Size:

Hello Zubair,    The table tennis table is 5 feet wide by 9 feet long. Allowing a minimum of 5 feet on either side makes the width of the playing area 15 feet. Now add to the length 10 feet on either end


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