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Charles Parent - Registered Master Tattoo Artist


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I can answer questions regarding tattoos and tattoo artists as well as Canadian tattoo shops.

Experience in the area

Over 30 years as a top rate tattoo artist and tattoo shop owner. ATI registered Master Tattoo Artist / Body Art Technician. Founding member BC Body Art Association.


To The Point Tattoo Canadian Arts Council Tattoo Association of BC


Tattoo Flash magazine, Tattoo World magazine


M.Sc. degree in health sciences and M.A. in fine arts.

Awards and Honors

3 magazine features in Tattoo Flash.

Past/Present Clients

G. Simmons, P. Stanley, Ryan Grice-Mullin (NFL), Roo Phelps (JRFM),

What do you like about this subject?

Tattoos have gone from the seedy backrooms to the mainstream, high-end level of prominence that such beautiful artwork should have had all along. The level of creativity had risen exponentially and the modern artist is becoming a true master of the craft.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I hope to have enough influence in the industry in Canada to make mandatory exams and certification a reality and thereby get rid of the dangerous and untalented "scratchers" out there whom are damaging people with unsafe and untrained practices and procedures.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Canada has only 2 provinces where a tattoo artist requires certification. The rest of the country is (sadly) unregulated. I believe that certification should be mandatory for ALL tattoo artists and piercers.

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wendy03/13/16101010Great advice...thank you!!
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Sydni01/07/13101010Thank you so incredibly much!

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2016-03-12 artist:

You will hear a couple of different schools of thought on this matter, but if you want the "bare bones" answer it is this simple:   YOU are the client, and it is YOU who is paying for and wearing the

2015-05-13 Use of Glycerin:

You have been totally misinformed!  There is absolutely no problem with the use of glycerine!  As a matter of fact the optimum aftercare products have water and glycerine as their two main ingredients!

2015-04-11 Tattoos:

Those particular types of tattoos(thorny armbands) have no real meaning, but the Maori tribals DO have meaning.   African Americans usually get the same dark ink and bright color tattoos as everyone else

2015-02-11 Can a person under the age of 18 get:

Each province in Canada is a different jurisdiction when it comes to this matter, as the industry is regulated provincially and not federally.   Generally, however the answer is :   A person under 16

2014-06-19 apprenticeship:

The best way that I know of to get an apprenticeship is to simply walk into different shops with your portfolio and talk to the master artist there.   You can also tried LinkedIn, on my group "Tattoo


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