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I will answer as many questions as I can about Christian alternative. I can also try to give you a christian band that is at least somewhat like any non-christian band that you tell ask me about.

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I have sung in christian musicals/band/dramas/etc. for the past 10 years, and own several hundred christian cd's.



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Drew08/07/081010Thank you very much i did like .....
Carol07/07/071010Thanks for the tips! They sound perfect!
Rachel02/14/07101010Thank you for giving me the answers .....

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2011-02-09 Christian Bands:

Sorry about the long reply time.    I have noticed that as well and there could be plenty of different reasons. The main reason is because they want fame and/or fortune. There are many "christian" bands

2008-12-10 hip hop music:

Positive hip hop influences teen just as much as negative. Have you ever noticed that after listening to a song all about money with a good beat, your mind is entirely on money and how you want it or what

2008-11-08 WHAT TYPE:

Sometimes it is possible.  Usually you can tell by the clothes that the person is wearing and the way you stand, walk, and even sit.  i.e. If you slouch you definitely don;t like jazz or classical and

2008-08-01 Christian band:

I'm sorry that it took me so long to answer. I went on vacation at a moments notice and didn't have time to change my vacation dates. I hope that they delay wasn't too long.  I would suggest Switchfoot

2008-08-01 Music from Clubs:

If you are talking about artists that have songs that you can dance to then I would suggest Grits earliere cd's are best but all good, John Reuben, Zoegirl's cd Mix of Life, Rihanna's first 2 cd's, Tadashi


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