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I love film and TV and enjoy the genre of teen movies. My love goes for the older, 80`s teen films, and a number of newer ones(90`s up to today). I would love to hear from you and to help with any kind of question that you may have.

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dee04/26/07101010wow! that's the right one! thank you .....

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2008-01-15 80's teen movie:

Hi Angelica,       I am not completely sure, but it sounds like it could possibly be either "Zapped" with Scott Baio, or "My Science Project". It sounds very familiar, but those films are a little foggy

2007-04-20 help me remember the title of this show?:

Hi Dee,      I am not 100% positive, but the show yoou are describing sounds like a show called "The Torkelsons". They were down south, and the youngest daughter had long curly hair, and they weren't rolling

2006-11-02 movies:

Hi Paige,        The upcoming third film, "World's End", out in May, is the final one in the current trilogy. However, the series could go on with a rumored 4th film, and Johnny Depp says he is open to

2006-07-09 SO SAD:

Hi Cameron,      I guess it effects you however it's written and acted. If you cry when someone dies and people in the movie and show are, I guess you liked that person or the person who is crying. It's

2005-04-07 that 70s show:

Hi Thari,        I don't realy know if you could have a definite answer to that. I don't see it as necessarily being mean, but just as tough love. He probably wants the best for Eric, and Eric to be his


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