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I can answer most questions about Toronto, its history, culture, lifestyle and it's ongoing developing ethnicity. I'm also able to answer questions on the Province of Ontario in general, the history of "Upper Canada", its settlers and communities, and the importance of this province to Canada. I also am an expert on the history of some of the pro sports teams in the Toronto area, and can answer questions on the football Argonauts, hockey Maple Leafs and baseball Blue Jays. I can also answer questions pretaining to Canadian Visual Art, the Group of Seven, and what makes Canadian art so different from anything else in the world.

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Born and raised in Toronto, there probably isn't a side street I haven't walked, a restaurant I haven't been in, a neighbourhood I haven't toured or a streetcar I haven't taken. I've seen communities come and go, buildings built and torn down, to be replaced by others, and seen the growth of Toronto that has become the incredible ethnic mix that it is today, more than any other city in the world.


Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University, Bachelor of Education from University of Toronto, Associateship of the Royal Conservatory of Music. Retired music, art, Canadian history and drama teacher at the secondary school level for 35 years (31 in the same school).

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