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I can answer most questions on blackadder goes forth and red dwarf I just love these showes. questions on the content, detailes and scripts. if I dont know i can find out.

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I have whatched every episode of blackadder goes forth and red dwarf series 1, 3, 4, 6 and 8 at least 6 times

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There are NO aliens in red dwarf. All GELF's droids and strange beings are all from earth. The Grant/Naylor partnership feel strongly about this although, rimmer seems pretty convinced!!

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John01/30/08101010Thanks Jason.
Martin01/16/07Thanks Jason Tracy.
Rafey07/10/06101010Great thanks. And a faster than light .....
pete_moss08/12/011010It's Better than Life.

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2006-07-10 RED DWARF:

seems you've got it right and wrong at the same time! Red dwarf does go faster than light, in 'Future Echos' the second ever episode. However Red Dwarf does not have a cloaking function. It's Starbug that

2006-05-16 Telling Jokes:

this is a common complex for the many clowns i encounter and a day to day basis. it is caused by the overwelming happiness that clowns generate in their jobs. as most people only spread misary and hate

2006-03-31 JOKES:

my own twisted sense of Humour leads me to the classic    Why did the girl fall off the swing?    because she didnt have any arms...    why didnt she get back on the swing?    because she didnt have any


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