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I can answer any question about The Office and if not I can find out

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absolutely avid 'office' fan, I've been watching it from it's birth and have seen it uncountable times


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Martin01/16/07101010Thanks, man. You've been a great help .....
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Martin01/15/07101010Thank you.
Apostolos01/08/07101010Thank you very much. Apostolos

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2007-01-19 Influence:

Britpop is a British alternative rock movement from the mid 90s, characterised with the appearance of bands who borrowed many influences from 60s and 70s while creating big and catchy hooks, as well as

2007-01-19 Sitcom:

The fact that he's an absolute cretin maybe the main one and also how about that little britain is the same fucking thing happening over and over again, it's predictable, it's done and it's sodding moronic

2007-01-16 The Office/Extras:

I am unsure as to what the content of the next sitcom/drama will be. I have heard rumours it is to be about a 'laddish' group of twenty somethings and their antics.I don't think you need to worry about

2007-01-15 New...:

If you mean are they the giants of comedy then yes they are, however I don't like the comparison of the beatles as they were twats. I think that the metaphorical george harrison and ringo star would be

2007-01-15 Office episodes:

My favourite episode is definately episode 3 series 1 in which the work force take part in a pub quiz and Gareth produces that brilliant line - 'He's thrown a kettle over a pub, what have you done?'. I


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