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I am an expert in urban legends, faxlore, and related chain e-mails. Check with me before "FORWARDING THIS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW!" to see if it has any validity.

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I have been reading about and studying Urban Legends and folklore as a hobby for many years now.

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Jim06/23/15101010Thank you for investigating this!
Rhoda11/11/12101010Thank you kindly for your response this .....
Theresa06/30/12101010Fact is Cassandra was slow to respond .....
Masoud01/03/10101010Thank you so much dear Cassandra

Recent Answers from Cassandra

2015-06-20 Is This For Real?:

Jim,    I've done a bit of research just now, on your question, but I don't have an answer for you.  It is known that there were human experiments performed by the Nazis, and it is possible this was one

2012-11-08 Obama Healthcare RFID Chip:

Dear Rhoda,    Thank you for a bit of a bizarre trip down memory lane.    When I was a kid, bar codes were relatively new technology and the story circulating then was that the government was going to

2012-06-24 reverse pin on ATM alert:

Dear Theresa,    Sorry for the delay in answering, I didn't see your email in my inbox.    While a panic button on an ATM might be a good idea, entering your PIN in reverse won't do anything but (potentially)

2011-03-02 forwarding urban legends:

Dear Roland,    An excellent question indeed!  If you find a good solution let me know too!    Seriously, I've seen less of a problem with email now that people are more interested in forwarding things

2010-11-01 Austrailian presedent speech:

Dear Jim,    There's no question here, so I'll just provide you with some links to sites that have done research on this and similar emails to separate the truth of them from the falsehood.    http://www


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