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Social Security retirement planning and all questions about Social Security eligibility and entitlement.

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Worked for the Social Security Administration for 33 years



33 years employment with the Social Security Administration

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Many outstanding performance awards while employed at the Social Security Administration

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The rules are very complicated, so it is always a challenge to answer questions accurately

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Social Security actually makes many errors and they give out misinformation due to the complexity of the program.

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2017-01-18 Medicare:

It appears that Medicare Part B pays for orthopedic shoes when a person has diabetes or when the shoe is part of a brace. The doctor must be an approved Medicare provider. The provider must follow strict

2017-01-17 Medicare:

It depends on the nature of your question.     I know about enrollment rules and types of Medicare, because this is done by Social Security.  

2016-09-17 Spousal Social Security Benefit filing:

Janine    She should receive an additional surviving divorced spouse benefit that is the difference between his higher benefit and the benefit she receives from her work record.  If he retired early and

2016-07-31 Medicare:

Hello Kenneth,    You may want to consider filing for Medicare Part A Hospital Insurance.  This is premium free and can help with hospital bills after your employer insurance has paid.  On the application

2016-05-31 ssi:

SSI is not my area of expertise.  The maximum federal SSI benefit is $733.  I do not know the amount of the NY state supplement.  This information does appear on letters from Social Security that explain


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