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I can answer questions about the ins and outs of vacation home ownership and the rental of vacation homes. I have managed residential rental property since 1983, both for myself and for others. I have taught property management and provided seminars and training at the local, state and national levels.

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I am a licensed real estate broker in California. I have managed vacation homes for myself and for others for over 25 years. I currently am the managing broker at Monterey Bay Property Management.


I am a member of the National Association of Realtors, the National Association of Residential Property Managers, and the Vacation Rental Managers' Association, among others.


Articles I have written currently appear at and have appeared in a number of real estate and property management publications.


Bachelor's degree, two masters' degrees, and most importantly, the School of Hard Knocks!

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It depends on what your CC&Rs say about what it takes to modify them.  If your CC&Rs say that it takes a majority to change them, three of four would work.  However, if your CC&Rs say it takes a unanimous

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Well, as I stated previously, it is difficult to render an opinion about the fairness of the fee without heaing from the management company as to what their thinking on the issue is.  As you stated, the

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Hi, John,    I understand your position. It would be interesting to know what the management company's position is regarding why they started charging the resort fee, and what they say that the resort

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Hi, Jason,    Well, you have asked a number of very important questions.  First, some observations that pertain to the scenario you have proposed.  You will be interested to know that, for fourteen years


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