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I am with a lender that provides financing for US residents to purchase vacation homes in Mexico. I can answer questions about the purchase process of buying a second home in Mexico. I cannot provide legal advice.

Experience in the area

I am Vice President of Collateral international, LLC. Our firm has been providing fiancing to US citizens purchasing second homes in Mexico since 1995. We have the most experience of any US firm providing fiancing for the purchase of residential second/vacation homes in Mexico.


International Mortgage Lenders Association - Professional level Mortgage Bankers Association of Alabama Mortgage Bankers Association of America


Quoted and sought as reference source by San Diego Tribune and Tom Kelly (author of Cahsing in on a Second Home in Mexico).


Bachelor of Science degree from University of Maryland (1979) Panel speaker at Procopio Legal seminar on Investing in Mexico (Dec. 2005). Panel speaker at Arizona-Sonora Commission on Financing in Mexico (June 2006).

Past/Present Clients

Our clients are comprised of hundreds of borrowers that have obtained financing through Collateral International for the purchase of second homes in mexico. We have also served many major resort developers throughout Mexico in partnering to privide end user financing to their customers.

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