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I'm a resident of Victoria, and have been for 25 years. I'm happy to answer questions about tourism, housing, local government, or similar things.

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Resident of the area for a quarter century. Writing a book about tourism in Victoria.


Bachelor of Arts in Economics.

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Did you know that Victoria won the Stanley Cup! It's true! In 1925 the Victoria Cougars beat the Montreal Canadiens 3-1 in the series. The following year the franchise moved to Detroit, playing as the Detroit Cougars for 4 years until changing their name to the Detroit Red Wings.

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2013-05-11 Can we live in Victoria or B.C.:

Hi Michael,    Thanks for your question.  To stay in Canada permanently, you usually have to immigrate to this country.  This does not mean you have to give up your US citizenship (though this is also

2013-04-29 Relocating to Victoria?:

Hello Matt,    Thanks for your question. The differences between Victoria and Vancouver are much like any two nearby cities.  Most aspects will be the same, considering they are in the same province; however

2011-07-03 to get in touch with Maribel:

Hi Genny,    I'm happy to put you in touch with Maribel.  You didn't send me your email address, however.  I did send a follow-up email to Maribel already, asking if she would like to connect with you

2011-06-20 jobs for travelers:

Hi Jay,    Thanks for your question.  This is a little out of my league, but I'll try and help as much as I can.  The best places to find a job like you're describing here in Victoria would be www.usedvictoria

2011-03-08 Moving to Victoria:

Hi Susan,    Yes, the majority of American expats I was referring to are retirees.  We're a very popular retirement destination for all kinds of people, and Americans are just one of them.  I don't know


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