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Post war Alfa-Romeo sold in the USA. 1958 on FIATs sold in the USA. Cannot answer questions on vehicles outside of the USA.

Experience in the area

Dealership mechanic on both marques. Plus many factory schools.


Was on allexperts for Alfa-Romeo in the past.


taught fuel injection for awhile

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2014-10-10 oil filter mount 1970 buickskylark 5.7 motor:

You should attache a mechanical gauge where the oil sender is and read the actual pressure.  Oil pressure switches that activate a light can be  set anywhere from 3 to 20 psi depending on what the engineers

2013-12-09 Nash Metropolitan:

Any modification is possible. But, most are unrealistic because of cost. There was nothing wrong with that engine when new. If you really want to drive an older car just upgrade some items instead of replacing

2012-07-24 Alfa Romero Spider 1986:

An Alfa-Romeo has quite advanced engineering that the typical American  mechanic is not capable of dealing with properly.  These vehicles are  reliable when cared for by an experienced mechanic.  Following

2012-05-17 door trim:

I checked the 2 mercs we have of different eras and the corporate  thinking on door panels seems to be consistent. (I do not have  access to that particular model).    You should use plastic trim tools

2012-05-14 towing a trailer:

Of course it has been done and it does ruin the vehicle.  I do not think you get it--just because it has been done does not mean   it is  good thing to do. A frameless vehicle gets everything loosened


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