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I can answer questions on W110/W111/ W114/ W115 /W(R)107/W123/W126 , and Finny Mercedes models 1962-1985. I have rebuilt many of these cars and have problem solved many issues. I have access to much of the technical data and have detailed instructions on fixing the most common issues. Vintage US 1950-1989 and other foreign cars as well If you are going to ask me about car value, please provide ample information on service history, rust issues, and current "needs". Pictures are helpful. Disclaimer on value - I can only give you data on what the market is bringing, and may not be what you want to hear!

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Maintain, restore vintage Mercedes (w110/w111 Finnys and W114/W115 /W107/W126)


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College Graduate. Self proclaimed and taught Mercedes shade tree mechanic.

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Recent Answers from Ron

2016-11-24 85 300D not charging:

Have you pulled the dash pod?   If you are getting power to the pin then most likely you have a crack or beak in the copper traces that are the connections between the various components of the dash  

2016-05-25 Mercedes 380sl vacuum advance:

you cannot , my buddy posted this awhile back , it is a Djet system , so may or may not be the same ,

2016-05-18 1973 450sel stalls when throttle opens:

The MAP and ECU are the next things I'd check. Check the vacuum lines o the MAP. Make sure there are no leaks.    The ECU could also be at fault make sure big plug is    firmly attached and free of corrosion

2016-05-17 1973 450 sel stalls when opening throttle:

you can remove the AAV hose when warm there should be no flow, cold it should be open , there is a "pariffin" set up in there that swells to close opening when warm.. Sometimes the set screw is not indicative

2016-05-17 1973 450 sel stalls when opening throttle:

well Jeff , as they say , could be a lot of stuff.  The Djet setup is pretty basic tho.  So I assume it starts but when you push on pedal it stalls.  Most likely culprit is a stuck AAV, it is designed


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