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Most detailed about Austin Healeys but also MGs (A,B,C), old Minis, old Volvos: they share SU carbs, Lucas (Prince of Darkness!) ignition, Girling brakes & shocks. Some things shared with TRs too, but I don't know so much about them. Can advise the semi-neophyte on the basics of keeping things running, especially tuning ignition and carbs; but no rebuilding engines or transmissions; no frame or bodywork. General date range: late 50s to 70s (not so good about cars with emission controls, electronics). No valuation experience at all.

Experience in the area

Middling: I am not an auto mechanic. (Should we stop right here?) Grew up In England and a workshop. I have had a 3-carb 60/61 Healey for ca. 8 years, largely looked after myself. New fuel system and carbs, resuscitated ignition, brakes (discs and drum). Great driver's car. Major jobs done by others: king pins, front frame cancer excision; caliper rebuild; etc. Organizations.: Austin Healey Sports & Touring Car Club (PA) Publications: > 70, irrelevant Education/Credentials: PhD, irrelevant Awards and Honors: irrelevant Languages: Je peux essayer francais...


Re. cars, none--see experience.

What do you like about this subject?

The English made some wonderful cars from the 1930s to about 1980, some of them fairly fast, all of them fun, and I'd like to help in a little way to keep them running. Not the Astons or Jaguars or ACs: the regular stuff!

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Recent Answers from Jo Jesty

2014-12-30 Triumph carbs.:

Hi Kelly    You're right, I'm guessing! It's likely that you are a little under-carbureted, yes, but not by much; and it won't be easy. Here are several questions you need to ask...    1) Will the larger

2014-05-13 1969 jaguar XKE Roadster Convertible:

I'm not at all expert on E types, but... I can't think how removing the exhaust would directly cause the problem. Most likely in my opinion: is the fuel pump working (clicking) when you turn on the ignition?

2013-12-29 Austin healey BT7:

Before the answer... If you're going for the new LCD lamps, be careful: they need negative ground, and you'll need a new flasher unit for the lower amperage as well. (Write again if you need to know whether

2013-10-18 1960 austin healey 3000:

Oh dear!    I hope you didn't switch it on, in which case you would have fried the Pertronix and possibly the fuel pump. The fuel pump might be switchable IF it has two terminals (i.e. it's not grounded

2013-08-17 1971 ots e-type oil:

Can answer one, not the second...    A quick check says that 20W50 is standard for all 6-cylinder E-types, e.g. Castrol GTX. Some owners use 10W40 (probably fine for cooler climates), and some 5W50 synthetic


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