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I can answer questions on most areas of web design & development - including: html5, css3, JavaScript, php, search engine optimisation, mobile web development & responsive design.

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I have been in the web design & development sector for 10 years and have been running my own web design company for 10 years. Working with lots of completed projects within that time.


I have mostly been self taught which is the way I learn best. I have been on lots of training courses, read lots & lots of books. Within this sector though I find the best way to learn is to get stuck in.

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Recent Answers from Daniel Ruffle

2015-11-17 Contrast colors.:

Hi Prashant    There are many contrasting colours. For example Yellow and Blue. Although not all contrasting colours should be used in web design for example.    Yellow and Black also works, we call that

2015-07-09 designing web site:

Hi Gabriel    You would probably be better off with an online editor such as the ones below. There is a small learning curve and they are free or cheaper to purchase than your normal software such as Dreamweaver

2015-06-18 making a site mobile friendly.:

Hi Robert    The modern technique is called responsive design and with this your site can accommodate multiple devices and respond accordingly.    This is a massive subject and not something I can answer

2015-05-07 Web Design - Multiple Video selections:

Hi Jim,    You are best sticking with the MP4 format as it is more widely supported. flv formats aren't supported on Apple devices.    In terms of a video selector, you are moving in to the realms of programming

2015-04-27 Dynamic Assignment of Entry from Another Recordset to Textfiled:

Hi     You will possibly need Javascript to update this dynamically. If you use something like jQuery you can use some code similar to the following page:    http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4567376/how-to-update-the-value-in-one-text-b


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