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I've been developing websites for almost 20 years. If you have questions like these, I can help! Should I try this myself or hire a professional? What tools do I need? How do I sell products online? How do I make money with my website? Can I create a website without buying expensive software? How do I design a website FAST? How do I market my website? Is a BLOG a website? How do I put video on my website? What is website hosting? When will search engines find my website? OK, I've found a site I like - but now what? Can I make my website a subscription site?

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I have over 20 years of practical experience with web-related issues, and some military computer training. I've worked for a computer manufacturer, and own a small technology company specializing in web-design, hosting, and internet media production. I am the webmaster of several sites, and e-newsletter editor for Rotary District 6760 which is comprised of 65 clubs throughout middle Tennessee.


I'd like to say a diploma from a revered educational facility hangs on my wall, and perhaps someday it will. In reality, everything I know has been self-taught, much of it done so in the hallowed halls of that venerable institution called "The School of Hard Knocks". (I have taken courses at a local community college, and received military computer programming training as well.)

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I apologize for the delay - I'd replied via mobile device, but apparently it didn't go through.    To answer your question, yes - you should assume every webmaster can track your every move - including

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Hi Matthew - I've given some thought to your interview, and this is how I'd answer:    Question 1 what education and experiences did you have that prepared you for a career in content creation?    Unfortunately


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