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I can answer just about every question about West Palm Beach, FL and it`s surrounding areas, having lived here for several years now. I`m intimately familiar with its business climate, weather, housing, employment issues, and most else.

Experience in the area

I have experience as a journalist, editor, and teacher.


BA in English, some graduate level coursework

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Mary Theresa03/16/09101010Wow! Thank you, David, for some very .....
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Stephen06/24/08101010Thanks David!

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2013-10-31 Healthcare:

Healthcare in America is going to continue to be an ongoing issue, as it's intended to be, as prices continue to rise and access decreases. Sorry for what you're going through. I would recommend you contact

2010-01-22 2nd largest city to incorporate:

Wow. There's an unexpected question. I thought I was an "expert" on living in West Palm Beach and surrounding areas, not necessarily it's history. That disclaimer being up there, I can take one or two

2009-05-17 Neighbors:

Christine,    First of all, you're not going to like this, but I am not nor was I ever, a lawyer or even a paralegal.     I couldn't even offer much of an informed opinion without seeing all your paperwork

2009-03-10 affordable hotel / beach for 3 year old:

Well, Mary Theresa, since you asked for my advice, I'm going to give it to you, although my opinion may not be what you expected.     Having lived (and also worked as a teacher) in West Palm Beach, Florida

2008-12-12 former student of mine:

Dear Janice,     This is not so much a general question about W. Palm Beach or even Florida, but more of a social/legal expertise issue.     Inherent in your question are several ethical dilemmas and privacy


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