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I can advise on what women's erotica is available, where to find it, how to choose the right sort, what to avoid. Visit MsNaughty.com for more information.

I am not a sex therapist. If you have a need for sex advice, go here. Or visit Go Ask Alice. Please don't ask me questions about having sex, or pregnancy, or how to have orgasms, or similar. Porn for women questions only. If you ask for sex advice, I will reply: "Sorry, this is outside my expertise."

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I've been making adult websites for women for fifteen years. I've had numerous articles published about women's sexuality and feminist issues. I write a blog about women's erotica. I also run a major adult site, BrightDesire.com


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Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Librarianship

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2017-02-26 Male Adult Performers:

I've made over 60 porn scenes for BrightDesire.com. In my experience, it's actually a consequence of making porn that delays orgasm. For a lot of male performers, keeping an erection and reaching orgasm

2016-02-09 Anal Intercourse & Erotic Films:

Some women like anal, some don't. It's entirely a personal preference. It can be painful if done wrong. Those that do like it know that the best way to have anal sex involves a lot of time, patience and

2015-12-28 Women & Adult Films:

In my experience of porn, this isn't standard.  So I really don't know, I can only guess. And my guess is that it may be cheaper for the video producers if the female star keeps her clothes on, since many

2015-07-22 Oral Pleasures:

The reason there isn't much cunnilingus is because most porn films are made for men and cunnilingus is about a man giving a woman pleasure. Porn creators have long assumed that men don't want to see that

2015-06-29 Orgasm& Adult Films:

I can't speak for every performer in every adult film. I know plenty of those films don't even bother to show female orgasms at all. If they do, it could be fake, it could be real, depending on the performer


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