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I can advise on what women's erotica is available, where to find it, how to choose the right sort, what to avoid. Visit MsNaughty.com for more information.

I am not a sex therapist. If you have a need for sex advice, go here. Or visit Go Ask Alice. Please don't ask me questions about having sex, or pregnancy, or how to have orgasms, or similar. Porn for women questions only. If you ask for sex advice, I will reply: "Sorry, this is outside my expertise."

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I've been making adult websites for women for thirteen years. I've had numerous articles published about women's sexuality and feminist issues. I write a blog about women's erotica. I also run a major adult site, BrightDesire.com


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Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Librarianship

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2013-07-11 female friendly porn:

Hi  Let me say that I can't answer on behalf of all straight women here. Every woman's tastes are different. Some may enjoy seeing two women together in porn, some won't.    Also, the definition of "lesbian

2013-01-17 Female Porn:

As you said, most porn is made for men, either gay or straight. Straight porn usually assumes the viewer has a cock and is homophobic which means he doesn't want to see other men. Thus the focus is always

2011-11-22 sissy stories:

This isn't really something I specialise in because it's not classically considered to be women's erotica. But I went to Literotica and they do have a forced feminization category which might offer what

2011-07-04 Help Please And Thanks:

Hi    If you're after female masturbation porn that's positive and realistic, I would recommend I Feel Myself ( http://www.ifeelmyself.com/) and Yanks.com. The former is a wonderful site that considers

2010-12-07 Is She Frigid?:

I have said in my profile that I don't answer sex advice questions but I'm going to reply to this because you talk about porn.    First thing first. There's no such thing as "frigid." That is an old fashioned


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