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I am happy to answer questions regarding Golf, Golf Management or Golf Instruction. I have been a PGA Class A1 Member for 26 years and was raised in Golf, My Father was a PGA A1 Member for 39 years and my oldest son is also in the PGA Apprentice Program.

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26 years PGA Class A1 Golf Professional. Director of Golf, General Manager, Competitive player, Tournament Rules Official for State Tournaments, Owner/Instructor of Walkers Golf Ventures which is Guided Golf Excursions with Golf instruction.


PGA of America, USGA, Southwest Section PGA


Random Magazines and newspaper articles


All PGA Schools including Tour Schools

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What do you like about this subject?

Golf has been my life for over 45 years

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

To help people understand the game and more thoroughly enjoy what it has to offer

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

You can tell alot about someone in 18 holes. Not by their score, but by how they handle themselves in high and low situations

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Recent Answers from Kim Walker

2014-05-18 Is it legal to golf barefoot?:

I did not play barefoot for an entire round again, no particular reason, other than I usually have my golf shoes. My foursome was aware, and the kidding subsided quickly when I was beating them.  What

2014-05-18 Is it legal to golf barefoot?:

Quite legal... I once shot a 71 in a high school match some 35 years ago, barefoot because I forgot my golf shoes and the shoes I had were too slick for any traction at all.     Enjoy  Kim

2014-01-23 Golf Equipment:

Good morning Lori.  First question, which way do you swing a baseball bat? My son was left handed and I didn't know it or refused to believe it so he grew up swinging right handed  (Bat and club) and is

2013-04-23 Taking two club length relief:

You are in the correct thinking.  NO Head cover,ever....good grief, I can't believe anyone would even try that..it is described as "club length"  not "Club length plus a Head Cover" ...and  The club length

2011-07-13 Club to buy for beginner?:

Hello Tina,    Most important is the measurement from your wrist, or fingertips to the ground, rather than your overall height. Most taller people have longer arms,  but it is good to check.  You could


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