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Hello,I can answer questions in Persian( Farsi )language as well as English,I'll answer your questions about Iranian movies and TV shows & series,directors,actors & actresses,commentary on movies, film making industry in Iran and generally all ins and outs of Islamic Republic of Iran's cinema.I'm here just to help you.

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I'm both studying cinema arts and act here in IRI.


Acting certificate from Iran's Jaam-e-Jam cinematic institute and acting academy approved by ministry of culture & Islamic guidance.

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Nino01/30/11101010Thank you very much Mr. Tohid Dehqan! .....
Hamid ssd02/21/10101010tertwertwert
Alex Hitrick02/09/10101010Thanks
Daz11/15/09101010thankyou, very helpful
danial11/14/0910Thanks Tohid, but you didn't comment on .....

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2011-05-05 Independent foreign film i saw:

Hi Frankie, you didn't specified if this movie is Iranian or not you just mentioned "Middle Eastern country) but the specifications of the plot story of the movie you described is so close to an Iranian

2011-01-31 Women in Films:

If I get the point of your question well, in this question you want to know how women are shown to look sexy, am i right? So they just shown in this way that have put on a posing body dress that is so

2011-01-31 Sex in Films:

Hi, Juana, Here is an Islamic country, with the majority of Shias that are so much believer than other Islamic religions, both legally and spirituality seeing such scenes in a film is unlawful and a big

2011-01-30 sex in movies:

when sex in films or porno graphic movies came to existence in U.S and France cinema, most of the people didn't accept it and where so mad at it at first, but it was accepted mostly in young people and

2010-10-20 filmnameh:

اگر منظور تو ساختن فیلم از روی کتاب


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