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I can answer questions regarding the history and background of music from around the world. For more modern pieces, I can answer questions regarding the country of origin for artists/bands and for some older groups. I am very comfortable with music from: Japan, China, england, Scotland, Ireland, Philippines, India, Canada, USA, Mexico, Russia, and Iceland. I am fairly knowledgeable of other smaller countries as well, but may not be able to comfortably answer too many questions regarding these other countries. "Bollywood" is another area I feel very comfortable with. I could answer questions regarding what film a song is from as well as who is singing.

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I collect music from around the world, both old tunes and new. With every song or album I aquire, I always look up the english lyrics in order to understand what the artist is singing about, and I read up on the history of the piece. My curent library holds over 10,000 songs from 85 different countries.


I do not hold a degree, but I have 2 years of college as a vocal music major. Most of my knowledge is gained through self study.

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