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Hi! I'm your go-to for Far Eastern Music! (You name it, China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan etc.)That's not all (laugh)! Africa, Europe, and Latin America I can help with as well! The language of music is international :D

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I've been in this information pool for 8yrs, good enough right? XD


I've taken French, Spanish, and Japanese language lessons . . .

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CF11/24/15101010Thanks for the effort I know you .....
kristine11/02/15101010Thank you!

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2015-11-22 Kim Sol Mae, North Korean child singer:

Hey CF, sorry for the delayed response.     [Before I begin to answer your question, I just wanted to let you know that there is a famous South Korean film director who has the same name (Kim Sol Mae)

2015-02-18 None:

To be honest, I'm not familiar with this genre to pin-point a specific artist. The last bit of aid I can give you is the link I have included below, where you can search the top billboard songs of 2007-2008

2015-02-12 None:

Hi there! Your question does not quite fit my category, but I can somewhat help you out :) It's a possibility that I've seen that music video before, but I can not guarantee it. Without the name of the

2014-04-19 download free music:

Greetings Shameem! Farouk is indeed a wonderful talent. I don't know about all of his music  for free , but the listed websites below are a good start to get there :)      website 1: http://www.soundclick

2013-11-24 I'd like to question:

Konbanwa Shigeki-san! I am so delighted to receive your question! I myself am a lover of the Japanese culture ^_^ To answer your question, most Americans are not cuturally rich -meaning that their minds


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